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I got a couple of railroads if you’re interested

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  1. My ratings of the board game in brewstewfilms.
    Sorry gets an A+, Noice game 🙂
    Yahtzee gets an F-, The most boring game I've ever played
    Trouble gets an A, Similar to Sorry but a short board game
    Uno gets an A+, great card game
    Monopoly gets a C, confusing to play this board game, takes long.

    Well, the rest of the board games in brewstew video I've never played before.

  2. The fact that she just went God damn it Bobby as she flipped the board like Hank Hill probably would it's hilarious

  3. What do you think about battleship I think that game I have the same braiding with that as I do trust and DND AKA dungeons & dragons I think it's fine and it can be a triple A Plus depending on who you play with like if you're an absolute fuckin noob and someone who's been playing the game for 10 years comes up walts in kicks your ass in 3 seconds it's not fun but if you two are on equal skill or how many of you are on equal skill it can be amazing so AAA Plus for me let me know what you guys think

  4. I swear my dad somehow knew how to set up mouse trap, and just passed it on to me somehow. I don’t think I could do it today 😭

  5. One time we were playing Uno in my school and We’re playing this game mode where if someone draws a draw for card you could put down a draw to cord and those would add up and send it onto the next person one person ended up getting 16 cards it was hilarious

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