Cooking Traditional Filipino Food! (gone wrong) *DUCK DIES* | (Cooking With TriFate #2)

Many people have told us we are cooking masters. After meeting with Gordon Ramsay himself, we learned how to create the best of the best, when it comes to Filipino Delicacies. So in today’s video, we will be demonstrating the amazing skills Chef Ramsay has taught us. Enjoy!
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00:00 Intro
00:20 Shark Fin Taste Test
01:06 Tyler Cooks Filipino Food
10:33 Duck Works His Macgic
15:21 Isaac’s Turn to Cook
24:23 Carbonara With a Twist


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  1. Wow your amazing you just Injoy cooking And eating delicious Filipino food, and delecasy someday Idol you can visit CEBU City the Queen City of the south, injoy 💞💞💞💞💞

  2. U still in Philippines? Go to Qatar now watch football…all traveler go to Qatar now🤣🤣 FIFA World Cup bro … don't missed it

  3. For Mac and Cheese 🧀, you have to go to foreign stores like S&R or Landers….Watch the Juicy Vlog for tips…. Apparently, Landmark has good products….

  4. Cool to know about the Jewish mix by the way. My mother-in-law grew up in Minnesota, so my hubby visited there a lot. My husband is also mix Russian, German, Jewish etc. Two of our children , including me met their great grandma but she died three years ago. 😢

  5. Hey Trifate, incase you want to go back to BGC again the best way to get there from Quezon City is via Ayala LRT station. From Ayala LRT there is a BGC Bus Stop nearby that will take you to BGC in few minutes. Buy a Beep Card to pay bus fare. 13 pesos fare from Ayala to BGC or v.v. Dont take taxi anymore so many scammers out there today especially christmas season is around. BGC bus operates 5am to 11pm.

  6. Filipinos love Lucky Me Pancit Canton and Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton. They're instant just like that carbonara and mac & cheese. There are different variants like original, calamansi, chilimansi, sweet n' spicy and extra hot.

  7. You should have used Star sweet margarine or not sweet and put a little bit of sugar then toast it, cheezee spread or Eden cheese and Pancit Canton chilimansi or hot chili or extra spicy and Calamansi Pancit cantons or sweet and spicy then Calamansi or better yet try all the flavors hehe my 8 years old son loves mixing 4 flavors Original,Calamansi,sweet and spicy or chili or extra spicy,chilimansi or Calamansi then put it inside a toasted or not toasted Pandesal by the way I never seen that Mac and cheese one Try spicy bulalo noodles cup , La paz batchoy, chicken sotanghon, beef Mami, and chicken Mami.

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