Daily Lifestyle of Nepali Mountain Village in Winter Season || Video 3 || IamSuman

Daily Lifestyle of Nepali Mountain Village in Winter Season || Video 3 || IamSuman

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“Hello Namaste everyone!
This is Surendra Suman from Nepal. Welcome to my channel! I love Making Village Lifestyle, Culture, Village Food, Primitive Technology, Natural Landscapes, Travel, and Videos of Different Nepali societies and Parts. On this channel, you can watch all about Nepali Village life.
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  1. So little girls in villages ,and they lift a such big baskets full of leaves ! God bless little girls .please nirvana good help this hard working people .🙏🙏🏞🌍🏘🍀🌲🌾🌟🇦🇱🇺🇸.

  2. هللا هللا ع البنات الشطورات انا كنت في عمرهم اقص الحطب الشوك والزور واتركه يجف بعد فترى اذهب لجلبه البيت استخدمه كوقود انا احب المناطق الريفيه انها جميله جوها جميل وناسها طيبون يعيشون ع الفطره همهم عملهم واخلاصهم للعمل تحياتي اختكم من العراق

  3. i did lots of leaf piles as a child. every fall down down yellow and brown the leaves are falling all over the town. great job. thanks for sharing the fun.

  4. Beautiful video showing the nature, people, food and animal of Nepali.

    Nepal is one of the countries known by many around the Globe for its proximity to Mt Everest.

    I believe in the Pacific Region, we have islands occupied by inhabitants who share struggles similar to Nepal people. Most of our people live in subsistence lifestyles which maintains their identity to embrace customs and cultures.

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