Full Mental Health Guide For Men (This should be your priority right now)

NHS Depression and anxiety self-assessment quiz

Guided meditation video: https://youtu.be/N0tY-TaEEQI

0:00 – Intro
4:12 – Get Your Mental Health Score
5:27 – My Mental Health Story
23:11 – Depression
29:08 – Anxiety
33:24 – Gratitude
37:57 – Mindfulness
49:35 – Challenge Yourself
52:52 – Physical Health
1:10:09 – Social Connection
1:22:31 – Nature, Sunlight & Adventure
1:31:43 – Kindness
1:39:35 – PTSD/Trauma
1:46:49 – Q&A
1:51:51 – Conclusion

PLEASE leave your thoughts as a comment below right now. You help me and others on our self-improvement journey.

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  1. How to half your mental health score in 2 weeks:

    1. Create a habit tracker with the habits: Meditate, Gratitude, Exercise, Adventure
    (There's more habits you can do but if you're just getting started with self improvement it's good to make it easy and simple for you)
    The habits (Meditate, Gratitude, Exercise, Adventure) should be at the top of the page and going down the page just write numbers 1-14 representing days.

    2. Do those habits every single day, no matter how small the length, and tick off the box when done:
    For the meditate box you can follow my guided meditation video: https://youtu.be/N0tY-TaEEQI

    For the gratitude box send a text message of gratitude to someone you know saying something like "hey bro, I really grateful for that thing we did, thank you". Spend a couple minutes just closing your eyes and feeling grateful for someone or something, then check the gratitude box.

    For the exercise box you choose whatever form of exercise you wanna do, but make sure you do at least 1 minute every single day. That's all you need to do to tick the box, just 1 minute. Maybe thats 10 pushups, or a little run, or a full gym workout.

    For the adventure box go somewhere new. This doesn't mean to commute to a totally different city, although that would be fun it's quite a big thing to do. Literally just go on a mini adventure and go see something in your local area that you've never seen before. There's a street/road you've never been on, a house you've never seen, a tree you've never looked at properly before. Go out on a mini adventure like you're a child, climb a tree, jump over a puddle, pick out your favourite leaf. Pretend you've been blind all your life and now you finally have the magic and beauty of being able to see from your eyes. Go out like it's the first time you're looking at the world.

    3. Try your best to tick off every habit every day, but be totally ok with missing some habit. I still miss a bunch of habits sometimes.

    4. If you want an interesting book to read through all this which will make you feel more positive and successful, the book I always recommend to people is called The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, Here's a free PDF: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YNCiKAFb71ivVH_H9NAp0tKSgG97B8AF?usp=sharing

    I hope this helps you

  2. Ok its cool but what about the ocd? is it helpfull are there ony other hamza viewers that strugle from OCD.I feel like he is right but
    not only depression and anxiety is a problem.There is no way i half my symtomps of anxiety and depression.i am rewatching this video like 2-3 times all always came postivily to hamza is saying taking actionable steps and as much i could stop my brain from trying to neglect what he is saying any time i find myself doing good habits i just over do them and they are not improving me over time and only giving short term relive like i could journal for like 6-8 hours with negative thoughts when i doing this much i was pretty trash at other self improvment things and it came down good habit after good habit i am in the state that i wont kill myself but cant reach balance and cholistic self improvments wanna feel free but dunno how to achive it it also cames to ''doing the hardwork especially if you dont feel like it i set big goals and if i am more in depresive state i find my brain relentless saying you are weak instead of even doing bear minimum i find self being worser than my friends that are making less work than me with stupid excuses.I am on medications[300mg quetiapine depakine 1000 mg and 15 mg Escitil] for my ocd it quite help but i am not stable yet and kind feel helpless. got my testosterone score on 334 with saffering from ocd about 3 years and schizotypal disorder and being in deppresion episodes from time to time is not so bad but like hamza said in other guide its not 1/3 what our ancestors had.Also suffering from seizure.I want honest feedback and interesingly enough find out if there is any ocd suffers that watch hamza! I am 19 btw. It would be nice to leave some comments of smart critiscm or what would you do if you were in my shoes sry for rant but it is what is…

  3. Brother, thank you for everything that you've done for the upcoming generation of young men. The information that we all get from you is absolutely priceless. A lot of love Hamza.

  4. Hamza i have been lately wanting to get into a relationship, but it had clicked into my mind that I'm a…. Worthless person. I have come to a realisation that I'm not someone who has looks, gets good grades or even physically strong. Your video has helped my understand my shortcomings and how to overcome them and I'm really thankful for that.

    I hope I will turn from a worthless 16 year old guy who has no social skills, struggles with 5kg weights and being average in studies to a person the future me can thank for my efforts.

  5. how i have to eat healthy food when i am in school and the only place to buy food is fast food or supermarket?

  6. I started tearing up a bit when you began talking about your thoughts a violence and trauma, because my whole life I thought I was insane, so to hear somebody I look up to speak about it as well is very comforting.

  7. When I was in pre year 1 at school, a teacher saw me pick a leaf of a tree and told me to sit down on a bench for the rest of recess because of it

  8. I have a question?
    If you are so good ,motivated , powerful why you didn’t achieve your max natural body . Why didn’t you become more muscular. You have a big body fat and still think that you have to talk about this .

  9. I have seen the video after 2 months of its release and i have saved it too. It motivates me a lot to takale with my all problem.
    Love you bro and thanks for your motivation.

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