Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. North Carolina Tar Heels | Full Game Highlights

Georgia Tech overcomes a 17-0 deficit to stun the No. 13 North Carolina Tar Heels on the road, 21-17, in ACC action during Week 12 of the 2022 college football season. The Yellow Jackets rushed for 186 YDS & 3 TDs while UNC QB Drake Maye was limited to 202 passing YDS and an INT.

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Comment (32)

  1. Just gonna appreciate that a Georgia team finally pulled the uno reverse card in blowing leads

  2. Well, GT did something Miami Hurricanes couldn’t do. Congratulations to the yellow jackets because my hurricanes sucks this year.

  3. As a Clemson fan, this is good bc Phomachanh got to win but we needed unc to win. No playoff for Clemson 😭

  4. I wonder why NC's Mays didn't want to catch that TD pass? Was this Macks' great coaching all over again? Oh well… his decision, his choice.

  5. The Heels picked a great time to go back to the original Tarheels. Bad time to lose but they were treading on thin ice. Drake Maye looked the worst. Now the Heels can put to rest Heisman Trophy. The OL was absolutely awful. How much money did Downs make on that dropped pass. Makes one think about fixed games etc. High power offense only get 17 points an play calling was horrendous. Guys unblocked getting to the QB. That interception was obviously a gimme. All of a sudden Maye can't throw the simple passes . Makes you wander or at least think about games sometimes.

  6. Georgia Tech, a team with nothing to lose on the road, down, seventeen to zero, makes a comeback in knock the Tar Heels off.

  7. Carolina excels at mediocrity. Always has. This Montessori style coaching philosophy finally caught up to them. Player led teams get used like cheap hookers. Carolina was the worst 9-1 team in the country. Now they’re the worst 9-2 team. Not going to win anymore games playing with an FCS caliber O line and defense.

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