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The University of Namibia’s Office of the Registrar has postponed the examination of all education students with immediate effect due to the alleged leakage of exam papers.

In a media statement, the Registrar said the university understands the immense impact of the postponement on students who were currently preparing for their examinations tomorrow and next week. The temporary cancellation of the exams is to ensure the integrity of its education as well as its qualification, UNAM says.

The postponement will also affect special and supplementary examinations and any arrangements students might have already made.

Morris Kalunduka spoke to Dr. Marius Kudumo, the Director of Corporate Engagement and International Relations at the University of Namibia.


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  1. They keep lecturing about ethical considerations but don't apply them in their work..guess this is why they say uneducated men is better then the educated ones

  2. 😂😂😂You can't solve a problem with the same mind that caused it…one of the reason why I quit university to become a digital nomad ✌️

  3. Lord have mercy!…to those who are involved in such unethical behaviors.

    Namibians let us unite and fight against such happenings in Jesus'name.

  4. Unam students are used to plagiarism, copy and paste, and cheating for better continuous assessment marks for years. Students who are less privileged pass their courses and end up being jobless for years while those who cheated for years earn jobs without merit. Let the truth be told

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