“My Two Dads And Me” Music Video REACTION | Michael Knowles

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The Daily Wire music video maven Michael Knowles gives an honest reaction to the Music Video “My Two Dads And Me” from a popular Netflix show for kids.

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  1. My child is going to be such a bubble child of God.
    Surviving the Babylonian exile yes we will!

  2. OK so you're tired of your servants, slaves, and personal grape-feeders.
    Then maybe… IDK…how about this… Freeeee them?

  3. Well that's a piece of garish, gayish historical fraud. But then Disney himself was the initial distorter and trivialiser of profound history.

  4. I don’t see you getting mad at full house when they were raised entirely by their male uncles and dad. 🤨

  5. You still have Netflix after the Cuties debacle and the time when they were promoting worshiping Satan as an ad for a show? I got rid of my Netflix like a year ago because of all that crap.

  6. Can we all notice here for a sec that the entire theme of the song seems to be "I like having 2 dads because they're powerful and enable me to have an entire group of slaves"? I mean, like in 2022?

  7. Can’t imagine growing up without a mom and having two dads. The fact that kids have to go through that is sad. What do you do? The child must be confused and hurt. Guess that’s why content like this is a thing. The fact that they know it’s a thing that a kid would have to come to terms with, and instead of not allowing it, they have to try to convince the kid it’s totally fine. But if the kid can’t get over it, is he homophobic? Lord help us.

  8. I’m fed up with these people pushing s1n onto us. Why does everything have to evolve around the s1n community?! Encouraging children into s1nful behaviour that will send them to hell.

  9. I'm sure Egypt will be very acceptive, and not at all offended, by this. Is Netflix banned in Egypt? Maybe they're just smart enough to not broadcast this there.
    Edit: For those that are unaware, it isn't in modern day Egypt either.

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