Recap: Maine's CD2 candidates face off in NEWS CENTER Maine debate

In case you missed it, here’s where Maine’s 2nd Congressional District candidates stand on several hot topics only six weeks before Election Day.


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  1. If Golden votes against the RATs so much, he should have run as a Republican.
    I'm surprised the DNC hasn't "primaried" him out.

    He needs to get himself a suit.

  2. What does "Reproductive Freedom" have to do with killing babies?
    Bond is a "spoiler" and a big baby killer.
    "Ranked choice voting" is simply legalized election theft, by the RATs.

  3. There were 6 comments and only one showing,
    tells me this channel censored. Free speech is a myth.
    We use to have the Bill of Rights, a constitution, which is a contract between the government and the people and in that contract was 'free speech'

  4. Seems the candidates' names should have been in the description.
    We were energy independent during the Trump years he filled up the oil reserves when gas was cheap and now Biden is stealing the oil, shipping overseas and the supply will be more costly to replace that oil,
    And Biden shut down the pipelines that made us independent,
    Rep Golden in the flannel shirt, thinks voting will make a difference, not as long as his party pushes the inefficient, costly green agenda.
    The world runs on oil and natural gas, efficiently and made countries what they were during the boom period. The leaders of today are destroying what we once had.
    . The politicians make problems and then say they solved the problems they made (usually a lie) is my experience in my 80 years on earth watching the clown show as we sink further into the DC swamp. We have no leaders on the right or left or in between.

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