Should you Support Games Workshop?

Games Workshop is known for their controversy and overpriced plastic. This begs the question, do they even deserve your money and support?

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DISCLAIMER : Majorkill PTY LTD is in no way associated or affiliated with Games workshop. The Warhammer IP and it’s respective trademarks are the property of GW.

Artwork in this video is used for commentary and educational purposes. Artwork belongs to GW and other respective owners.
If you see artwork you have created in this video and would like to be credited, message me on discord at MajorKill9058 with a screenshot and credit link.


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  1. This might seem like a bit of a random time to drop this but I had been meaning to make a bit of a follow up from the GW silliness that happened nearly a year ago due to receiving new information.

    That plus everyone loves a bit of spice now and again

    If you are keen to check out some great proxy models in my bias opinion go here :

    Or just jerk the gerkin here :

  2. 11:50 "When the new eldar models came out, I bought a couple hundred dollars worth"
    So you bought a box, maaaybe 3 smaller ones if you squeeze…

  3. They are a fucking corporation, we owe them nothing. Their entire business strategy is to sell easily reproduceable and cheap plastic for exorbitant prices. If they go out of business due to recasters they will have to sell off their IPs during bankruptcy. So let them go out of business, 40k and their other IPs aren't going anywhere.

  4. I think games workshop should stop making miniatures and start making movies. The 3d printer is here to stay

  5. GW is getting their "cheeks clapped" in China's proxy/recast market. The niche their is massive and growing. Higher def, cheaper, and replaceable. GW really 👊 ✊️ 🤛 themselves with the "official products" "rule". It sets up the tabletops for recreational revolution, given the ever growing number of original intellectual property printers and artists who "can't be bothered". New rules, New models, unpredictable, non-profit inspired hobbying is eroding GW's deathgrip on their own fluffy pet. Fuck GW for the false pretenses of NDA with basically free fan-licensing animators. Basically GW is becoming ole Mark "Suckerberg". Live in a constant state of innovation or find yourself carrying a fluffy corpse-pet and doubling down on the reasons why…

  6. I maintain an army because I kinda need to to be sure of getting a game at new places other than that, I don't get their stuff any more. Others benefit more from my cash.

  7. bit of a misnomer at the beginning. if GW dies warhammer doesn't die, it gets sold. and at this point just about anyone else would be a better steward.

  8. Some additions to that:

    Tournament/Store play: That might be different in other countries, but where i come from easily 95% of tournaments are not ran by GW and also most of "private play" doesnt happen in GW Stores. Usually the people there are….. well. 😀 So people invested in the hobby dont like going there.
    So naturally noone gives a flying one about non-GW models. Especially in the tournament szene, wich still tries to grow. Because they obviously dont wanna gatekeep new players who cant afford to buy 300 bucks in new models every 3 month because its the new OP stuff that will get nerfed after you played 5 tournaments with it.

    What might be interesting is that having Recasts of GW minis is actually legal where i come from and probably in all of the EU. As long as they are for private use. So you can have all the recasts you want as long as you never sell them or even give them away for free. Wich is kind of a nice deal. That also means you can copy any model you have. E.g. if you have a 3D scanner or you buy a 3D model somewhere and just print it out yourself.
    It depends on what you get as a recast. Stupidly expensiv webstore only resin recasts from GW are fkin horrible. Buddy bought 18 grotesques (over 20€ a piece) from GW for an army. Other buddy got them for 5€ each as recast and they were just exact same quality. Even worse we compared a forgeworld knight lancer with a recast (~20%) and the recast was genuinely better.
    That goes for a lot of FW recats.
    The only thing that is fairly unbeatable unless you have a decent resin printer is GW plastik boxes.
    3D print:
    Obviously thats way to go. Print your own dimacheron for under 10€ while its 140€ on Forgeworld. And it will have better quality even with a budget printer for like 200 bucks.

    BUY 2nd HAND:
    The plastic minis are super easy to uncolor. Just dunk them into alcohol stuff and you are good to go. If you buy 2nd hand you can get minis for less than 40%, GW does not make a single penny of it and its still original models.

    I cant see your issue with vallejo. I dont think they are worse thang GW. But most importantly some specific ones are better. Namely the "vallejo heavy" range and the "vallejo air" range. The heavy range is high pigmented and its a pure joy for fast projects. I could easily paint a thinned down heavy violet in one go over silver primer. Nothing shining through. These colors are nuts.
    And for obvious reasons dripper bottels are just much better in general but especially when it comes to airbrushing.
    What i do think is unbeatable from GWs range is the shades and the contrast paints.

    End of the day GW is a fkin ripoff squeezing money as hard as they can abusing their "monopoly". And thats unfortunate. When i started playing 20 years ago, there was so many kids involved. These days only full time workers with decent paying jobs can even afford to live in the hobby. I stopped it all together. Especially since the rediculous pricing and release strategy of rulebooks pissed me off and that they buff/nerf shit so that new models sell. I own well over 20.000 points of spacemarines and 10.000 points imperial guard over a range of 5 editions and i cant remotely put a competitive army together once i stop buying shit for like 8 weeks.
    And you really have no option other than pirating the rules. Once i had a tournament army (i think it was 8th edition with IG+SM+Knight) i would have had to carry 14 f***ing rulebooks to have all my rules. PLUS all the errata and shit printed out. Not only is that hilariously unreasonable in terms of price (like the books alone cost what an army costs), its also absolutely unusable. So pirate it and put it on smartphone or tablet. You couldnt even use the originals if you wanted in a timely manner.

    Lore is great though…

    And as a fun little story for the end:
    As im selling all my stuff except the 2 armies i really love i found an indomitus box.
    I used the necron warriors, the blaguard veterans, the melta dudes, and the assault marines. So it was an incomplete box. AND I SOLD IT FOR MORE THAN I PAID NOT EVEN 3? YEARS AGO.
    I was absolutely stunned to find out that they brought out smaller boxes, containing not even half the stuff in the indomitus box for like 80% of the price i paid back then.
    It is rediculous 😀

  9. My favorite mmorpg of all time was Warhammer Age of Reckoning.. I could pay 15 dollars a month (On retail, now a private server) and get ENDLESS hours of amazing mass pvp.. But these models? An absolute ripoff.. What blows my mind is that if they dropped the price, they would make far more profit.. Just look at the comment sections on any Warhammer Video.. 90% of the audience doesn't big the minitures.. But they all would if the price at least halved.

  10. While not the easiest because it doesn’t have all the models, but Amazon is a pretty good way to get most models for cheaper. Obviously, some new models like the Primarchs aren’t on sale, but the combat patrols, starter packs, and random packs are on sale, so it’s an easy way, at least, for me

  11. I have about 150 Warhammer/Warhammer 40k novels and the first 10 books of the Horus Heresy plus some other limited edition novels. I just got so tired of the same ole story. The Universe is stagnant. Even with one Primarch alive, it’s the same old same old. They got a lot of the fan animations taken off YouTube. I brought an ebook about 1 month ago after not buying anything for 6 years.

  12. I really don't agree about the improvement of lore.
    Sculpts? Sure.
    Offer diversification? Sure.
    Lore? Really not. Very poor quality. Much fansrving. Marvel hyperboles aplenty. Inconsistencies and conflicts skyrocketing.
    On a side note, I'm really prone to believe new Horus Heresy game system will cannibalise both 40K and AoS.

  13. People be acting contempt about actually getting games work shop to actually use animation with content creators, i’ll be real Astartes, tts and more brought in a hell alot more fans than games work shop could do. Normal people won’t do the table top based off books and models etc. however as we clearly seen Amazing content can bring in new customers which is more value than stagnation which is what most the people arguing that a show or movie similar to astartes is a risk when its not. If one guy with love for the passion for 40k did this great or a animation using lore to where yes new people were confused a bit but everything in it made sense when you get interested and fall into the hole that is warhammer. Games work shop should be shunned for doing what they did to creators. And giving out crappy content on a service thats barely worth looking at when It was their funded service. They don’t love their IP they just love the money. They used animation for a trailer for Horus Heresy Models and i bet that brought in plenty of people who didn’t even realize it was for ( over priced plastic toys) and took a dip in warhammer 40k because of it. If they want to grow and become more known instead of stay where they are. Actually reach out to content creators and community. Not threaten the people who help grow your community with legal action. And that horus heresy and ultra marine trailer still pales in comparison to astartes. Video games and Animation is their best option to grow rn and to allow the community to grow. A literal gold mine of possibilities and they rather be lazy and sit on it instead of growing it. Anyone who even argues all of this is a risk. Clearly doesn’t understand what astartes managed to do. I played space marine as a kid and didn’t know what warhammer 40k was let alone the table top. That Animation got me into 40k and i even tried fantasy. You get countless people watching it who don’t know what 40k is but absolutely love it. Seeing how brutal the space marines were due to how the animation was and the hidden lore bits that was used. Then at the end dropping more trailers of different chapters. And the warp. With all the lore 40k has alone. They have decades of Material for shows, games and movies. I promise you that it will succeed if they did it. Because if they got the time to randomly threaten content creators. They got the time to hire them and to fund them what they need to make it possible. Call me a keyboard warrior but i love 40k. But i never touched the table top due to how expensive it is and the fact too many rules and that no one ik would invest in that. I wouldnt either unless prices went down a bit and they expanded like i said above. Sorry if this is a run on as if you were a tau meeting a templar 👌

  14. Absolutely do not support games workshop. I teach everyone into the hobby how to buy recasts. Games workshop needs to go tf away.

  15. games work shop is milking the hobbyist, as long as they aren't hurt financialy and forced to come back, things will only go crazier.

  16. i feel like they didnt want people to make fan creations because the story is confusing enough they have like 8 different games but none of them are connected? or are they? like wtf is age of reckoning a wow alternate universe version? or does it take place before 40k? i dont get it. i still dont get it after watching like 50 videos.
    and the fan videos add to ths confusion. is warhammer a shooter? an MMO? a 4x? an rts? wtf even is it? how do i find the list of games? bllaahhh etc.

  17. I mean if I had to punish and keep my guard up every time for a company because there is a good chance they would fuck me over i might just live, a good working ethique exist for a reason

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