The Epic Games Store: A $500 Million Dollar Failure

The Epic Games Store. Half a billion in losses, almost no growth.
Not even Fortnite may be able to save it.
The voice actor Kyle Johnson (@K-Smooth) lent his voice for this video.


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  1. @WelfareWalrus — I thought you just buy PC games at stores and play them on any PC with the correct OS, CPU, RAM, etc.? This sounds more like gaming on a console.

  2. @WelfareWalrus
    What is Steam, GOG, EGS? What is a storefront?
    Is it just an app store to download games like Google, Samsung, Apple, Verizon use?

  3. The EGS sucks, but in fairness it should be noted that it was Valve who started this arms race with Steam.

  4. great video. haha, I bought a game on g2a a few years ago, turns out I accidentally bought an epic exclusive. so ended up never playing it…till it came out on steam then just re purchased it 😂

    100% agree that competition is a good thing, but like you say, epic is not competing with steam at all

  5. There's really no question that exclusives are bad for the industry as a whole. Some great points in this video! If anyone is interested in diving more into this topic, I have a video on my channel that goes pretty deep into the whole subject:

  6. As of the time of writing this comment (April 27, 2022) Shopping Cart has now been implemented on EGS so who knows? Maybe in 5 years it will have as many features as Steam/GoG Galaxy have today.

  7. I think the biggest thing that puts Epic in a bad light is none other than Tim Sweeney himself; how his statements are never the ones from a person who works at games but the kind of things you would hear a politician to say (always talking about how their opposition are bad and them being the good ones)

  8. EGS once stated that online PC is bad for gaming and bailed.

    That was enough for rational people to realize that epic was only after money and wanted to monopolize the PC industry.

    Tbh the few pluses are also pretty bad:
    -15% cut but tbh valve takes 30% and actually uses it on games. Steam deck cost more to make but will advance gaming as a whole plus steam is the main focus. All upgrades are intended to benefit devs/publishers and players.
    -free games but they're all meh. Plus attract the wrong crowd. Imagine if a food place offered free hotdogs then one day offered burgers at $2. People would only really go for the free hotdogs. Not many would buy the burgers if other areas offered them either cheaper or better tasting for around the same-ish price range.

    They keep pumping up the store with money but not innovating or improving it. Thus it's gonna eventually fall once the money stops and fortnite ends.

    Valve may be good or bad depending but tbh they were around since infancy of gaming and wants to push the envelope. Epic games just wants to control the market.

    Selling game on epic is a safety net for devs / publishers for bad games. Sell a new soda at one place 80% profit plus guaranteed money or 70% cut but sell everywhere on a good product.

  9. Valve, evil company who stupidly released a card game 5 years after the fad and bombed at it. Viciously anti consumer wherever they can get away with it.

    EA evil company who failed at making a game launcher, despite making all their games as exclusives on it. As anti-consumer as Valve, even if not as stubborn about refunds.

    Epic, evil company who failed same as EA, despite trying to make all games it's exclusive. Like Crytek; likely been pocking millions to tune their game engines against Nvidia's competitors.

  10. Oh thank goodness, Niche Gamer delisted their video on EGS so I'm glad to see that you uploaded it on your channel too. Great video by the way, super informative. Subbed!

  11. Well said. Honestly, I don't even care so much about those exclusive games, but they could at least put in basic features to keep players using their store front. Things as simple as ability to read and write game reviews, see and join games like with STEAM, cloud saving, high quality screenshots and videos for games they sell…Really basic stuff that STEAM has had for over a decade in some cases. I'm also annoyed over them cancelling Paragon and UT and basically ruining any chance Mech Warrior had of being successful.

  12. Saw darkest dungeon 2 is an exclusive.
    Really like that game.
    Too bad I have to wait a year, but bleeding out a bad company is worth it.

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  14. All of Tim's virtue signaling is empty while he refuses to support free (libre) operating systems and in fact is actually antagonist towards them buy not supporting proton and shutting down the Linux build for Rocket League and Easy Anti-Cheat.He is cool with monopolistic practices, he just thinks he and his Tencent master should be the monopoly.

  15. Exclusives are an insanely stupid and anti-customer business strategy. They are going to end up spending a billion dollars achieving nothing, think about all the games they could have developed themselves with the money. Valve created the Orange Box on a shoestring compared to Epic's capabilities and its paying dividends to this day, nothing has stopped Epic making their own stable of exclusives.

    Reading some of the documents I wonder why no one at Epic has attempted to right the ship. The free games have actually been relatively cheap from a user acquisition point of view. A fraction of the marketing budget compared to exclusives yet puling millions of new users vs tens of thousands.

    Sweeny is too arrogant for his position, every single problem they've had, the hundreds of millions burned has been avoidable. Steam already solved piracy with service, even Russians buy their games now. EGS has resurrected cracking groups yet no lessons learned, they do not want to admit Valve got it right.

  16. it's really embarrassing, i used epic to play diabotical and unreal tournament 4 tech demo and both are dead at this point, (UT4 TBH was doomed to fail before fortnite BR was a thing) steam for everything else, if i want to play oddworld soulstorm i rather use steam instead and wait a year for oddworld soulstorm to come out on steam.

  17. Why we even call it epic store, if it is Tencent, chinese crap? Epic is over. Since they cancel games production it is no more worth thinking of.

  18. Man I'm one of the few people on the internet who still have never played GTA5, never bought it, not even thinking about it. However if I'd have gotten it for free … shit I'd have played it an hour or two. >D

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