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Comment (26)

  1. Allhamdullilah for this video recommendation thanks for spreading the awareness in youth because now a days we all fill the stomach not getting the proper knowledge about our meal

  2. Hats off for making this video but you need to update your information regarding nutrition and eating meat. You could not possibly be more wrong in saying we only need to eat meat “once per week”. Please don’t pass on faulty and downright dangerous information without knowing the facts

  3. But If someone is skinny (Ectomorph) a hard gainer,he can't afford to eat as less food as according to hadith,So how can they become normal bcz the kcal are going to increase day by day??????

  4. this is right consuming only what ur body need..the truth is we have to go back to nature where it all started, where ancient people consumes all natural ,meat veges , water ,fruits , and the way of cooking is natural..everything that processed naturally is all good for health..consuming right food, eating right food,feeding inside ur body is not hard becoz when ur body is healthy it will crave only for healthy food. U dont need to discipline yourself ,u just eat right and listen to ur body..your body will react of what u need to fill..and its all natural that you will crave for and yiu will be full,even just a small amt…I mean when u eat just enough that ur body need and u get full in just small amount of food..,its not because ur eating too much its becoz u eat healthy..healthyself…with nature..with proper exercises. etc…Alhamdullilah..

  5. True, very true , the Muslim world bake a lot , cakes in el aid , cakes everywhere, big meals , most women spend most of their time in the kitchen cooking, baking etc…..every celebration is about food, cakes and plus most don’t exercise, I have noticed the Arab world, Muslim world people are getting sicker and sicker : my mom was very sick ( Allah yarhamha) , I have many members of family sick , now even children are getting diabetic (6 years old niece) ……….and you tell them that , they get offended, they don’t want to listen .
    White sugar is poison ☠️ and the Muslim/ Arab world use it everywhere

  6. Thats bullshit that humans dont need meat more than once a week – meat is necessary for the human health, for the nerve system, immunsystem, nervesystem, muscles too. I agree, that humans need to eat less food yes, but they must eat keto diet (pure diet and not refined food items) and do often intermediate fasting – which is islamic way. Many ppl also have low levels of vitamin D3, K2, magnesium, zink, omega3 and iodine.

  7. The reason for eating so much is because the food taste so good. Sometimes, we have temptations with what is inside the fridge (could be that ice cream) etc. If u r in the same situation, fasting really helps. It’s tough but with God’s help, you’ll discover fasting heals ur body as u give it a rest from overeating, u don’t think of food unless to break fast and sahur. If u fast because of God, it’ll be good for ur soul as well, on top of physical & mental benefits in this world. Let’s heal through fasting no matter which country you’re from. Especially in Singapore, there is food everywhere.

  8. Back in the days 1 egg would’ve filled u up for the entire day now days bcuz there’s no nutrition left in food u Could eat a dozen eggs n still be hungry. Plus almost everyone takes medication n meds make u hungry

  9. Yes, people are eating too much meat. Meat once a week is ideal, especially to protect the environment from global warming. Jews in the past would typically only eat meat on the sabbath, which is one day a week.

    Lets not even mention the abuse that happens in these factory farms, so the meat, eggs, and dairy is made cheap enough to eat daily. You think Allah wants us to abuse animals like this? Try to get animal products from animals that have been certified humane pasture raised.

    It's more expensive to get animal products like this, but you can balance it out eating cheap plant based protein for most meals like lentils, beans, tofu etc… which are super cheap.

    It's better to eat fish than to eat meat though.

  10. Love the information given, and not to doubt you guys or anything, but if you could provide works cited towards the end or in the description that would be great! This would help when I am trying to inform non-believers too Inshallah!

  11. I dont eat red meat i did catch covid and it coursed heart propblam nothing to do with food what do you recamend 🤲

  12. actually it’s 4 grams per teaspoon so 4×10=40 bcz you said the can of coke has 39 grams…so about 10 teaspoons!! not 7.5… I am a Dietitian And nice to see you talk on this subject, over consuming food is a problem

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