TommyInnit Opens Up on Mental Health and KSI & Mr Beast’s Advice | Minutes With | @LADbible TV

We sat down with the lovely TommyInnit to talk about how his explosion in popularity over the last two years.

Tommy opens up on how his new found fame has impact his mental health and tells us about the advice he received from people like @KSI @WillNE @MrBeast @CaseyNeistat.

Let us know who youd like us to interview next in the comments below.

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  1. I think he is amazing. He has a colorful personality and I can relate to him so much. He's one of my favorite YouTubers and it's so cool to watch his channel grow. I watched Tommy alongside technoblade and dream, and it was such a fun time.

  2. I hate how people are commenting such hateful things about a TEENAGER. He can’t help who he’s become, he decided he wanted to try and make videos and it skyrocketed form there. He’s just been along for the ride. He’s done so much for so many people and some still fail to see how them being rude is even more damaging. There are so many people commenting on how he talks about his mental health and uses it as a “way out” of things he’s done, if you were to go from a normal 16yro to a famous 18yro you’d have anxiety and some mental health too, try and have empathy…

  3. it HAS been 2 years since ive started watching him and my god, he keeps up his humour and somehow i find every single video super interesting and he always finds ways to make me laugh. I am so proud of this guy.

  4. Tommy is one of those guys who's personality really captures your attention, it's so genuine and gutsy. A mature guy who's not afraid to be himself.


  5. crazy to see creators so young be so self aware. regarding to that tommy's always seemed really nice deep down just like he is and it genuinely does make me happy to watch so passionately made content. great interview of a great youtuber!

  6. Tommy is such a talented kid he worked so much and he deserves where he is right now .Im really proud of him

  7. i remember when i first watched tommy his loud and excited voice really pulled me in and his amazing laugh made me laugh too- his content made me smile and laugh when i needed it and i loved seeing him grow. i remember watching him meet his friends for the first time and when the vlog channel was first created and even now i love seeing any content he makes because its him. i just cant express enough how thankful i am for his content and how proud i am of his growth.

  8. i can relate to Tommy so much, especially in school. like im trying to think about "it shouldn't matter how i look like." then i go to school and try to like fit in and everything and it feels like i HAVE to wear these clothes and these shoes and etc.

  9. tommyinnit is the type of guy who looks at depression and says "is anyone gonna eat that?" and not wait for an answer…

  10. Big props to Tommy he has made so much for himself at such a young age, and has a decent brain on his shoulders. Came through big mental hurdles for a teenager and is still climbing. Big respect 👏👏👏👏

  11. tommy’s great bc he really felt like something new after a dead period on youtube, his humour and personality is so unique and he deserves all the recognition he’s getting

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