Why the Honda K Series is the Best 4 Cylinder Engine

In this video, we do a complete teardown and analysis of the Honda K-series engine to see what’s inside and how it works.

The Honda K-series of 4 cylinder engines debuted in 2001 and is found in many vehicles including the Honda CR-V, Accord, Element, Civic, Acura EL, CSX, TSX and TLX. It has been renowned for its durability and strength with the ability to take on very high mileages with little repair. In addition, many aftermarket tuners have sought after the Honda K-series engines to build them for racing and competition, swapping in easy to source and modify components netting large horsepower gains due to its durable design.

In this video we take apart the K24 engine from a 2003 Honda Accord to examine all components, from the oil pan, balance shafts, engine block and pistons to the head, rocker arm and VTEC systems. We examine how the components are built and discuss why this is perhaps one of Honda’s best 4 cylinder engines for both modifying, racing or production use until today.
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0:00 Introduction
0:26 Overview
1:36 Engine Teardown
12:01 Component Analysis
22:32 Final thoughts

K-series Honda Engine teardown and rebuild can be done with common hand tools that can be purchased here:
Impact Wrench:
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Breaker bar:
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Angled needle nose pliers:
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This is the Camera I use:
https://amzn.to/2Y24ixX (US)
https://amzn.to/2Yhb3eo (Canada)

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  1. the timing chain running the oil pump is a disaster, this is not a good engine at all , you should get back to mechanic school automotive!

  2. I've found several notes on my car asking me if I want to sell. It's a 2007 Accord 4cyl. Quarter million miles and it runs like the day I bought it new. All I've done in 15 years is change the oil. ♥️

  3. From Japan. This time there was no your wife dress. Instead, wife's toothbrush and borther's stocking appered. I missed badly becaise I was expecting your wife's dress of different pattern. I want Mazda's 13B taken apart some time .

  4. Both lobes are used on the intake side when vtec is disengaged, the smaller lobe is not a complete circle. Look at the intake cam lobes at cylinder 4 at 8:02. One valve opens fully, one opens slightly (larger lobe opens one valve, smaller lobe opens the other) Vtec engagement locks the 2 intake rockers together, effectively making the larger lobe drive both rockers and valves. You can see the locking pins at 10:21

  5. 15:15 it's really blows my mind How you can find crosshatch patern in those cylinder walls after that much up and down motion of the piston and rings are scratching the walls.
    After knowing how IC engine works it's still unbelievable to me that how these cylinder tolerate the torcher of piston rings at those extreme heat for thousands of miles with very little wear and tear.

  6. 7:10 is this why I can't hear the V-Tech kick in on this car, even with the intake resonator removed? I can hear it very well on another Accord I have, a 2012 SE but not on this 2003 LX.

  7. I passed my 2008 CRV down to my daughter. 230,000 mostly highway miles. Still runs good but wish I ran exclusively with synthetic and avoided those fram filters….lol. I did use “synthetic blend” but who really knows how much synthetic oil is actually in it. I now have a 2018 CRV with the 1.5 turbo. I try not to accelerate too quickly. Who knows how long this engine will last…lol

  8. I just watched this video. Great explanation of complex mechanism. Should I ask what the water pump looked like?

  9. your wife is pissed, but i sure am happy! thanks for being you. i wouldnt have it any other way. YOUR AWESOME. thanks for contributing to the world..WHY YOU DO THIS? selling used parts on EBAY? maybe ill do that too..looks like fun

  10. Are you sure you didn't work on the Soupy Sales show with White fang & Black tooth? Your hands & arm movement are great!!! Love your work.

  11. I specifically watched this to sell me from ej to Honda but from the rip you have to take motor out of car to work on it. Ej I've done almost all with motor in,"or half" any kind of work you can with motor in and the cheapest. Try me

  12. Never use thicker oil than the recommended. It will cause too much pressure and the head gasket and bottom gaskets will start to leak oil. 2.4 2012 Accord 299.530 miles the VCT problems is due to the spring inside the VCT sprocket,stretch it every 100k miles and you good to go. Steering pump will leak because of O-ring after 250k miles (in my case). Timing Belt snapped at 277k miles(replace it every 150-200k). AC relay must be replaced $5 (mine at 220k miles)
    Right now it needs suspensions all 4 need replacement,control arms,cv axles,engine mounts. Engine and transmission is bulletproof,keep checking the oil every 3000 miles and all fluids level. I have no idea how this car handled all the abuse I put it through,80% of lifetime has been hard city driving and fwd burnouts

  13. Yes! Every mechanic I know has told me that Honda's K engines are the best. And this applies both to K20 and K24. Btw, Honda's naturally aspirated petrol engines are generally highly reliable.

  14. Considering some years a go Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear (during some Honda car/engine review) quoted during a statement on why Honda have their reputation for reliability that Honda had sold some 12 Million Vtec motors (in various guises – cars, motorbikes, boat motors and more), and none come back with catastrophic failures (non abused motors lol). 😏👍 😎🇬🇧

  15. Thanks for the video.
    One question, is the engine block and head made of cast iron or aluminum, in the K24 z series?
    Thanks for answering.

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